Our Maritime team provides first class consultancy services for a broad range of developments across the UK, Ireland and neighbouring countries.   We contribute to cultural heritage Environmental Statements for offshore, near-shore, coastal and inland waterway projects.

We get involved with our clients as early as possible to provide expert advice from planning to completion. We work with you to identify potential heritage constraints, so we can advise on the most cost-effective solutions.  Close collaboration with the terrestrial EIA team ensures a seamless approach between the on-shore and off-shore elements of any project.

Featured Projects

Headland considers regulator and stakeholder engagement as a critical element in the success of any development. This is  especially true in large infrastructure projects such as sub-sea cables and offshore wind farms. We therefore ensure there is expert briefing to the project EIA and design team prior to consultation meetings, and we maintain constant communication with regulators and stakeholders throughout the process.

Our services include baseline assessments, following on with archaeological input into marine geophysical and geotechnical survey specifications. Our early liaison with survey teams, to advise on the collection of data, ensures compliance of survey parameters with current professional guidelines. Our team also produces the concomitant Written Schemes of Investigation and Protocols for Archaeological Discoveries that are required for any activity that disturbs the seabed.

During survey campaigns, our maritime archaeologists are on standby to provide on-site advice in the event that something unexpected is discovered. We have a particular expertise in the archaeological assessment of large marine geophysical datasets and the integration of that data into the EIA process through a combined technical report, and ultimately the cultural heritage chapter of the Environmental Statement.

Our team  of maritime archaeologists  are fully qualified with extensive experience of all aspects of offshore, coastal and inland waterway works, and they hold current sea survival and offshore medical certification.

Meet our Principal Maritime Consultant

Michael Walsh