Starbold Wind Farm, Warwickshire

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The layout of wind farms can be flexible and it may be possible in some cases to avoid known archaeological sites by design or through micro-siting. However, sometimes unexpected discoveries can create a significant obstacle for our clients.

At Starbold wind farm in Warwickshire we identified the remains of a Romano-British farmstead during preliminary site investigations, which the local authority asked to be preserved in situ. Nevertheless, these remains lay on the direct path of the only feasible access into the site.

Headland’s Midland and West team assisted the engineers to produce a virtually impact-free construction design and method for the track. As a result, the archaeological site no longer formed an area of contention and it was dropped as an issue at the subsequent public inquiry where Headland also provided expert witness on setting issues.


Broadview Energy Ltd

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Power Generation/Distribution - Wind Farm

Location: Midlands & West, Sector: Power Generation/Distribution, Service: EIA, Service: Evaluation, Service: Expert Witness