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Headland Archaeology, established in 1996, is a wholly commercial company and one of the largest archaeology firms in Europe supplying services to the UK and Ireland.  We have offices in Edinburgh, Hereford, Bedfordshire and Glasgow.

Although Headland specialises in larger infrastructure and renewables projects, we also offer a comprehensive range of archaeological services, including specialist areas, to a broad spectrum of clients. We know what we are good at and are able to translate this into a client-focussed approach, minimising risk, enabling development, delivering products on time and to budget.

It is possible to balance culture and commerce: we think it is essential





» Planning appeal success in Cornwall

Headland Archaeology is pleased to announce that another planning appeal, with which we have been involved, has been granted.  The proposals, for a 34.2m high wind turbine at New Hartswell Farm, Herodsfoot, Liskeard, Cornwall, initially gave rise to concerns from English Heritage due to the proximity of Bury Down hillfort, a Scheduled Monument. The location of the turbine was revised slightly to minimise these concerns.»»

Posted: 27–01–2015


» Breaking New Ground: how archaeology works

If you want to know how commercial archaeology works then Kenneth Aitcheson’s recent history of British Archaeology is a great place to start. »»

Posted: 25–11–2014


» Headland Invests in the Future, Part Two

The good news about our Contracting Department (see previous posting) is only half the story. On the consultancy side of the business, we have not only weathered the recession but have positively come out of it with more work on the books, across a wider range of development sectors.»»

Posted: 24–10–2014


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